Tove Styrke - Say My Name / Specifications

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  • Published On: May 11, 2017 , 12:30:01 PM (10 months ago)
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Tove Styrke - Say My Name / Description

Published On May 11, 2017 . Official music video by Tove Styrke performing ”Say My Name”.

Listen to "Say My Name"
Director: Daniel Skoglund
Producer: Tim Mardell
Prod. Manager: William Tornwall
Executive Producer: Petur Mogensen

DOP: David Grehn
Set Designer: Nicke Lund
Stylist: Selam Fessahaye
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Krage
Editor: Stefan Ström
Post: Chimney

Song written by Tove Styrke, Elof Loelv & Tinashe "T Collar" Sibanda
Song produced by Elof Loelv
Song published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia AB, MXM Publishing(adm by Kobalt), Songs Of Zimbabwe/Where Da Kasz At (BMI)

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